A Classic Finish LLC

The Finest Refinishers in the Austin Area

  Why Us?

Let’s face it. Contractors have had a bad rep for a long time. Well even admit that in our business it is impossible to please everyone. With that said, in 2016 we hit our ten thousandth job with no advertising, marketing and all word of mouth. You do not get that many referrals by doing a mediocre job. That comes with very high standards and creating a pleasant experience for the customer. If our Quality and service was not such a success, Neither would out business.

Our Story

Fine Finishes has always my passion. From the age of 16 I picked up my first HVLP spray gun and was in love. From cars to furniture over the next several years I tried to spray it, refurbish it and bring it back to life. Even though that was my true passion I was raised to think the only way anyone can really be a success is go to college, get a 40 hour a week job and a 401k.So that’s what I did. Went to a few colleges and Universities and finally buckled down and finished in a field that bored me to death. In 2001 after a few years of sitting behind a desk I went into the Maintenance Industry for the outdoors and I really enjoyed working with my hands. There not only did I have the free time to paint again but I learned everything I could about building maintenance. And one day I got my first Tub refinished. I was fascinated! It was just like painting a car but it only took an hour instead of a week. 2 months later I got a call from the resident that it was peeling and yellow. And that is when A Classic Finish was born I think. I was obsessed after that to figure out why it peeled, why it was yellow and what this company was doing wrong. For a couple years after that I worked after hours teaching myself how to spray tubs, counter-tops and cabinets. What chemicals to use and what not. Before too long I was so good at it I could do my first tub professionally and the client loved it. That was in 2009. Since then Classic and myself have evolved quite a bit. Over and over we have learned better methods, better products until one day I talked to the manufacturer of the finest coatings I had found and got them to tweak it in ways I thought would be better for in the refinishing world of tubs and counter-tops. And now we have our own Tub coatings far superior than anyone else’s that only we can get. Once we mastered the tub and counter-top world I was determined to be the best at cabinet refinishing. And today I can honestly say I believe our Quality and beauty would stand up against anyone’s when refinishing cabinets

Our First Employee

Well Never forget Chad __________. Our first Employee. Even though he has moved on we keep in contact. These days we have several people working with us all specialist in their own craft, each one is just as important as the very first one. We thank everyone that keeps us going daily. If it wasn’t for a great team we wouldn’t be here.

1,000 Happy Customers

Sometime in the middle of march 2011 we hit 1000 jobs. Wow. That was a huge stepping stone for us. And to think we did more than 1000 tubs alone in 2016. Thank you, Austin, and surrounding areas for everything you have given to us.