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Refinished Countertops  

Refinished Counter-tops can be done over just about anything from old destroyed laminate, cultured marble, plywood to over concrete. With a price comparison between new laminate counter-tops including the cost of take out the old and reinstalling the new compared to Classic coming in and refinishing them there was an average of a $650 savings and refinishing takes on about an hour and a half compared to 2 days for new countertops. We can also duplicate most designs and our countertops are just as durable if not more than new ones. Also, the great part of refinished countertops, say you use it as a butcher block one night and you put a scratch in them, well we can come in and just buff it out. Not like real laminate you cannot do anything but replace them with new ones if they get scratched. In our opinion, there shouldn’t be any question which way to go.